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Add Margin to PDF files online securely, without uploading, no watermarks, no registration, no daily-limit, in bulk, & completely free!
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How to add Margin to a PDF File?

Pdfvise allows hassle-free addition of margin to PDF without downloading or installing any software.

  1. Select PDF files
    • Be assured that the files are safe and never uploaded anywhere.
    • Everything happens locally in the browser with highest level of security possible.
  2. Add Additional files
    • You may also add additional files to add margin to multiple files at same time.
    • Bulk upload is also allowed.
  3. Add margins
    • Set measurement for each margin on the PDF file in inches, centimeters, or millimeters.
    • The utility allows for different margin for each side, while preserving the ratio of the page.
    • Rest assured that the document will be readable, printable, and will have no stretching because of the modifications.
  4. Re-order, Rotate, or Remove your files.
    • No Size or daily usage limitations.
    • The add margin to PDF can be used with no worries about usage or security concerns.
  5. Save & Download
    • After adjusting the PDF or adding margins, the document will be processed and will be available for Download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Add margin to your PDF file and begin working on it right away. PDFvise permits simplicity, flexibility, and security while you add margin to PDF file online with your computer or mobile device.

What is Add Margin to PDF ?

Add margin to PDF is a free and secure online utility to insert margin to PDF pages. Easily add margin to every PDF page and improve page layout by eliminating bleeding while reading or printing PDF.

Can I Rotate a PDF file while adding margin to a PDF file ?

After selecting a PDF file on PDFvise, you can choose to rotate the file by 90°, 180°, or 270°.

Can I set Page Size while adding margin to a PDF file ?

After selecting a PDF file on PDFvise, set Page Size, Orientation, or Position. Then, Save & Download the PDF file with new Page Size and Orientation.
Pdf Add Margin

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PDFvise provides free and secure platform for your PDF needs by keeping your files secure by not uploading anything to a secondary location. No Installation is necessary as all processing happens in your browser only, through the magic of JavaScript. Works for Windows, Mac, Linux, & all Mobile environments.

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